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Ronn Diaz Real Estate

Ronn is an experienced Real Estate Agent based in Vancouver, BC. His charismatic personality and love for luxury real estate inspired this new look.

01            A NEW BRAND MARK

Using a modern and elegant typeface, the cursive elements emphasize the word 'arch' in the name.

OMG I f*cking love it!

Ronn's Initial Reaction

"OMG I f*cking love it! My favourite is actually the last page where you explained your reasoning. Prior to that, I looked at the logo and it clicked that they were skyscrapers.


I love how unique the branding is - it’s definitely a class above the typical ‘real estate branding’ everyone has. This is unique, vibrant, all while still encapsulating luxury and refinement. It’s clean, it’s bold, and it’s got personality. You also nailed the colours, I love the shade of yellow - it’s perfect!


Brilliant. Bold. And very authentic to me."

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