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Jayna Marie Makeup

Jayna Marie Makeup is an award-winning makeup artist based in BC, Canada. For over 10 years she has dolled up celebrities, brides and even taught as an instructor at Blanche Macdonald. To better tell her story and launch her new podcast, Big Lash Energy, she requested a new website and brand identity. We used her personality, client feedback and business goals to deliver unique designs that are "so Jayna". 

01            A NEW BRAND MARK

Representing Jayna's favourite colour and signature style.

Big Lash Energy

Big Lash Energy is a podcast by Jayna Marie. Jayna describes it as a lifestyle, a mindset, and a vibe! She teaches people how to laugh at their falls, learn from their fuck ups, celebrate the beauty in life’s messiest moments and love yourself more deeply through it all. This vibrant energy had to personified through bold text and colour.

02            A NEW BRAND MARK

Big Lash Energy is all about being authentic to yourself and being unapologetically and wildly yourself. To emphasize this vibe we used a the font Impact and Jayna's signature bright colour.

Jayna Marie_edited.png
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