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Artistry by Archna

Archna is a makeup artist based in Surrey, BC with over 7 years of combined experience. She left her teaching career to pursue being an artist full-time and needed a Brand Identity to support her for years and years to come.

01            A NEW BRAND MARK

Using a modern and elegant typeface, the cursive elements emphasize the word 'arch' in the name.

Kind words by Archna

"Aman was the first person I reached out to for the rebranding of my business and I was instantly sold! From the start she was so incredibly personable. The best way to describe it is that she treats you as a person and not just as a source of income. After our initial email exchange, we had a phone call to discuss possible ideas. I am someone who is so beyond indecisive and so was a little nervous about the whole process. After our phone call she sent me a mood board that absolutely nailed the vision I had in my head! I wasn’t the best at explaining what I wanted but she somehow figured it all out and it was so perfect. The logos and branding designs she made for me were so incredible. Seeing it all come to life was honestly emotional. Again, being an indecisive person, I wanted to be able to see every single option before committing to my brand logo because it was such an important decision. Aman had no problem sending me multiple revisions so I could be certain. She never tried to persuade me against what I wanted and really allowed me to be in control of the entire process. 


Throughout the entire rebranding journey, Aman was always available when I had questions, wanted adjustments or just needed help trouble shooting. Having my branding done by her didn’t seem transactional. She builds relationships with clients that don’t just end when you’ve received your designs. Business owners know that their branding represents so much. It reflects your hard work and a part of your identity and am so thankful to Aman for representing it so well! There isn’t a single thing I would change about my branding… thank you Aman for being so incredible at what you do!"

Artistry by Archna (Primary Logo White).png

02           PRIMARY LOGO

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