Midtone Design Studio was created on the foundation of minimal and modern design. The founder, Aman Khinda, is an artist who became a Graphic Designer and Marketing Expert. Her background in Visual Art and Business supports her in providing an holistic experience to her clients as she is able to understand a client's needs from two unique perspectives.

Everything we do is in service of helping our clients achieve their business goals.

At Midtone we believe that less is more and also better. Communication

in design should be clear, concise and 

persuasive. In order to achieve such design, we immerse ourselves in the

industry we are designing for. This

primary understanding allows us to create engaging and meaningful content specifically curated for a target market.

Our work is beyond being a visual

component of a business, it is about leveraging design to fuel our client's financial success. Again, this circles back to the basic premise of how we define great design — understand the problem or purpose first and then design in service of that.

We are passionate about design and would love to hear about your project! So let's connect virtually and discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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